Friday, 24 October 2008

time is whizzing

only one more day and then it is HALF TERM yipee a whole week off!!!!!
as per norm life is busy, piggtails injections are going ok ish, but her school is just beyond talking about at the mo. i am so worried about the whole secondary school thing i am just not sleeping. we really feel that we just have no choices, what the hell is gonna happen when she gets there???? i told her current senco that we arnt worried about education just about her coming home happy every day instead of in tears, we are getting too many tears now as she is struggling socially in year 6 let alone with the work.
gosh i am moaning again it feels a little as if i only ever do moan now, once i was a quite happy person i promise lol. maybe one day that person will reappear.

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