Sunday, 12 October 2008

busy week

well piggtails treatment has started, the nurse came out to us on monday and i did the first injection while she was here. it went ok !! at least piggtails didnt cry. we are taking it in turns to do the injections, piggtails has cried the last 3 nights which makes it doubly hard. i think it is cos i didnt really want her to have them but she really wants to get taller so they are really her only chance. on tuesday one of the georgous boys in my class had a bit of a bad day and i ended up with a very sore wrist. the school nurse looked at it and we iced it regularly all day and luckily the phisios were in so they had a look they decided it wasnt fractured but i should get an xray. i couldnt drive home as it was soo sore, tuesday eve we had piggtails parents evening so that came first and then it was too late to go. i took it easy at work on wed but went to the walk in clinic in the evening. i waited 2hrs before seeing the triage nurse, she said i needed an xray and a full assesment when i asked roughly how long it might take she said about 2hrs for assesment then approx 1hr for xray. so as this would take it till about 11pm i came home and went to horsham minor ingeries on thu morn after the xray they showed me no fractures but lots of swelling along the side of my wrist she said it was where the muscles had been pulled. so painkillers and taking it easy for a few days. lol taking it easy ha ha ha.
hopefully this week will be easier.

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