Saturday, 1 November 2008

at an end

well half term has been and is now almost at an end, i really havent done much i met with C and F on sat eve for a few drinks a lot of laughs and some yummy food. thanks to C for sorting the evening out i had a great time. i met up with a work collegue on thurs for coffee and it was fab.
the rest of the time i have been researching aardvarks with piggtails for her school project. we have built a model i may share piccys when it is done lol.
i am gonna try to link with another blog as there is serious blog candy being given away by a very cool blog.
hope this works.
it is pigglet jr. bday tommorrow and he will be 12 omg how did this happen it cant be that long can it??
he wants a laptop so we made him save half the money he hasnt quite managed to save enough he needs about £30 more.
so who knows what he may get!!!!

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Elaine said...

Thanks for linking my candy :) Good Luck!!

Elaine x