Sunday, 8 June 2008

quick update

well work is still stressfull, collegue A is still being my own personal downer. she just keeps making snide remarks that feel like her putting me down to make her feel good. i spoke to my teacher about how i was feeling and found that she had noticed a lot of the behaviour and was going to talk to us all and see if she can sort it all out. i am most concerned about next term, if i get to stay in the class that i am currently in i do not want to work with A again so if she is in there again i dont really want to be there. i love working where i am but it is so hard when you feel that your collegue is letting you do all the work with the most challenging child.
ds has been away for his yr 6 residential, i missed him so much. dd missed him more than she thought. he had a great time.
ds is going to compete for sussex at the kent international on the 29th of june and also at the hampshire open on the 6th of july.
dh had an interveiw at work last week for a promotion he wasnt sure how he had done but as he was up against 2 of his collegues one of who he thought was the most competition he didnt really think he had a great chance. well he is not allowed to say anything but i am fairly sure that no one who knows him reads this blog so i am gonnna tell he was told on friday evening that he has the job!!! yeah go dh.

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