Friday, 20 June 2008

another quick update

life is soo busy, blogging just gets left behind. last weekend was piggtails first proper judo competition i have never been quite so proud as i was on sunday. she weighed in at 19 kilo's and the three other girls in her group were 24k up to 29k so she was outweighted by a lot!!! she got on the mat and went for it, she didnt give up although she was thrown around hugely, the first fight went for the full 2mins and she lost by 11 points, the 2nd fight she lost by an ippon and the 3rd fight went for the full 2mins again and lost by a wassari(sp?) she got a bronze medal and she deserved a gold as she tried so hard against the odds. i am not biased obviously lol.
life is going to get worse before it gets better as pigglet jr. has the kent international and the hampshire open coming up in the next three weeks i will try to keep the blog upto date.

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