Friday, 23 May 2008

week has finished yipee!!

well i am soo pleased to have this week over finally. my colleague A has been a challenge again. i think i am getting paranoid as so many comments she has made seem to be saying i am better than you and i am better at my job than you. she was not kean on going to the trip out again this week but my colleague B and i have been bolstering her confidence and so she went. before she went we were going over different stratergies she could use when i made the comment that we all struggled with some children and that i struggled with child C as the level of violence although the are small is hard they have bitten me twice this week. when i said that i had issues with child C she looked at me and said 'i dont know why he is violent with you he is easy he never attacks me!' colleague B turned round and said well he does attack you sometime and blumming A said ' i am just better at deflecting than you obviously' i so wanted to smack A!!
colleague B told me after that she thinks that A actually believes that child C doesnt hurt her but we have all seen him. B thinks that A is trying to make herself feel better by putting me down.
i have had enough, we should find out in the next few weeks what classes we will be in next year, assuming that i have a job as i am on a temory contract still. i am hoping to stay in the class where i am now but A moves to a different class. bitchy i know but ho hum!!

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