Sunday, 18 May 2008

judo update

well pigglet jr went along to the inter counties as the reserve and although he didn't make his weight group they kept him as reserve for the next group up. he didn't get to fight and strangely he wasn't upset about it until the last line up and when he wasn't called dad said his face dropped he told me later that he didn't realise how much he wanted to have a go. bless him at least he turned up. he has been doing year 6 Sat's all week the pressure is now off as soon as he had done the first one he said it was easy and the rest flew by.

i have had a b****r of a week at work, one of my colleagues A has been a pain, i really feel like they are not pulling their weight and it is then falling back on me. one of the children B is particularly violent and unpleasant what with spitting and hitting and scratching a lot of the time, i am the one who has to deal with B most of the time as A cant keep any control over B. i was supposed to have a day away from B this week while A went out on a trip with them. unfortunately B was simmering that morning and A decided that they couldn't go as the risk of B getting worse was too great. that meant i had to deal with B all day, B was really bad and i went home knackered and thoroughly fed up. the next bay i was bitten by one of the other children and thumped by B, stuff it next week cant be that bad surely.

we took pigglet jr down to bexhill judo club this morning for squad training, he is being entered in the Kent International competition for sussex in june. it should be good especially as it is being held at K2 in crawley, apparently it is usually held at crystal palace but the refurbishments arnt going to be ready in time. we are pleased as K2 is only about 20 mins away from us.

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