Sunday, 11 May 2008

busy week and even worse weekend

this week has been so busy, pigglet jr has had loads of homework as his year 6 sats start on monday. he is so stressed about them we have told him to not worry as they dont mean much to his future they are really for the school. the teacher told them to go and have a relaxing weekend on friday. pigglet jr had an enrichment course on sat and we had to travel for nearly an hour to get there, it was at the planatarium in chichester and he had a great time but not really relaxing lol. and today he left the house at 8am to go to worthing for the intercounties judo competition in which he is the reserve for his weight group. hopefully he will make the weight as he has been on the edge of it all week. all this activity hardly makes for a relaxing time but at least he has not thought about the sats much.
i will post later about how he gets on as he has gone with dad i have to take piggtails to the rainbows 21st party, i help run the group and we had to pick our favorite song to sing we decided to sing 'i can sign a rainbow' and also sign it as we have been learning some simple sign language each week.

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