Saturday, 3 May 2008

judo gets scary but exciting

i am SO proud, pigglet Jr went to the squad training last Sunday and was not at his best he was knackered from school but he tried hard. he came home and told us that he didn't think he would get picked. but!!! on wed he received a letter telling him he is the reserve player for the inter counties comp on the 11Th may. oh my gosh he was so happy, daddy was really chuffed for him. so i have told him i am now finding it to scary to watch him and daddy has taken the day off work so he can take him down, he may not get a fight but the coach said in the letter that he can make a substitution at any time for no reason so my boy might get a fight. part of me hopes he does and that he tries hard but a small part of me is scared and hopes he doesn't fight. i feel guilty for feeling like that but most of these lads are more experienced and really have the killer instincts where as pigglet Jr although he gets very serious on the comp mat has never fought at this level before.
we are going to go and watch the british open tomorrow as it is being held quite close to us at the K2 centre hopefully it wont scare him to much. lol.

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