Thursday, 17 April 2008

life,tears and getting on with it.

well we all went to judo on Tues and it was hideous. both kids did really well, the coach was really off hand about how well all the kids had done on Sunday no big congrats or anything. that was fine what wasn't so great is the fact the mum i upset on Sunday completely ignored me, she sat 3 seats away leaving a gap. she spoke to me at the end of the session to tell me that the badminton we had arranged to play on Thurs she was gonna play with her husband instead and i could book a separate court if i wanted. i went home and sobbed on the phone to hubby who was a work. i know what i said was wrong, but it was an honest mistake, i really didn't want to go tonight with the kids as it is just horrible. i did go as i realised it is not the kids fault and they shouldn't have to suffer so there we were this evening, i sat with one of the other mums and she asked why i wasn't playing and so i admitted what happened and what i said and she made me feel much better as she said it was obviously a mistake as i am not the type of person to say something so horrible on purpose. it was really reassuring the mum and dad came in for the 2nd session and completely blanked me again and worse, their smallest child wanted her nails painting as i was painting piggtails and one of the other girls, the mum said she could have it done at home and wouldn't let her near me. she cried and i now realise that i am not the only one in the wrong. i am now going to try to get on with life without letting this situation make me cry so much. so a big thanks to the mum that sat with me all evening and even waited and walked out with me.

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