Monday, 14 April 2008

mortified embarressed and ashamed

i had the worst afternoon, at the judo comp during the club mates fight i called out something unforgivable. i meant to say ' break his leg hold' unfortunately it came out 'break his leg', his mum was next to me and was soo shocked. i really didn't mean it how it came out.
i am soo embarrassed i don't know how to say how sorry i am to the club mate. his mum did speak to me later yesterday but i was soo ashamed i sat in the car most of the afternoon, i only went back in the hall for the medal ceremony.

i have decided it is probably better if i dont go to watch the competitions anymore, i cant seem to stay calm and chilled if pigglet jr. is fighting and if i cant control myself from saying stupid things i shouldnt be there. pigglet jr can do the comps if daddy is not working so it is fine.

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