Thursday, 28 August 2008

what a busy week we have had

well we went geocaching on monday over balcombe way, we got excited after that and decided to go to london on tuesday, we went up by train a first for the kids. first stop was the science museum, wow it was fab pigglet jr had the best time we went to the rocket show and he knew all the ??s unfortunately we were let down by the food choices there. the main family restaurant the deep blue place was a joke. we asked straight up about an ingredient list as pigglet jr is allergic to nuts, peanuts and sesame. the woman was an idiot she handed me the normal menu. when i pointed out that it didnt tell us what was in each dish she said that is all she could do.!!!! this is a place for children and allergies affect one in 50 people now. how cross was i we actually left the building then as i was fed up. we went to the natural history museum it was soo busy we enjoyed the red zone but dh wanted to see dinosaurs but there was a 30 min queue and we were hungry so of we went back on the tube to the embankment, we crossed the river and walked upto the london eye. then it was a quick walk to giraffe. i had been there once before and was impressed with the allergy list they had on their website. they dont have a lot on the menu that my boy could have but the guy that sat us when we told him about the allergy's he assured us they have a procedure they follow in the kitchen where the head chef does the dish. the food was ok but we couldnt fault the service, when our server took the order she came back about 2mins later to say the chef had checked the meal ds had chosen and although they couldn't guarantee anything it was as good as it got. after the experience at the museum we were very impressed with giraffe. we walked along to hms belfast after that and then it was back on tube and train to get home at 9.30pm loong day.
dd and i are of to london again tommorrow for a girlie shopping day with C and F. piggtails is so excited she insisted on buying a new outfit to wear!!

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