Saturday, 30 August 2008

day in london !!

well off we went, met up with C and F and caught the train. arrived in Victoria and headed directly for Harrods. Wow i have never been nor has piggtails so we were suitably impressed. the Christmas shop is spectacular. we looked at the pets and they were so cute a little tiny miniature dachshund nearly came home with us it was only the £1700 price tag that stopped us lol so piggtails bought a toy turtle instead. we then hopped on the bus to travel to oxford street unfortunately piggtails left her handbag behind on the bus which had pigglet jrs camera, £10 and her train ticket in argghhh. after much sobbing we all calmed down enough to walk on to the shops. we went for lunch in prezzo's and enjoyed our salads and pasta. we all enjoyed window shopping greatly and then stopped for coffee at the borders as we were all out of energy. then it was a bus back to victoria and the train back home. we arrived at our front door at 8.48pm in time for dh to get a takeaway, bath and bed.

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