Saturday, 12 July 2008

3rd post is late!!

well the 3 rd post was all about the kent international judo competition. pigglet jr took part. wow a really serious competition. he had 2 fights and was beaten by a much better player in the first fight, and in the second fight he was much more on a level with the other boy and was beaten in the last few seconds of the match. we are soo proud of him, he was outclassed by most of the players but he didnt let himself get physiced out he stayed nice and calm and got on with it. the reason this post is late is cos i decided to wriote about the hampshire open competition that he had the week after, he got through to the 2nd round and had 2 more fights he was beaten in the first one and then had to fight the boy from his club (the one who all the trouble with his mum was about). the other boy managed to beat pigglet jr by a koka, the smallest score possible, the match went to full time. we were again very proud of him, he held it together and diddnt cry.
what a grown up boy we have.

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