Saturday, 12 April 2008


well i am slowly getting used to vista on my new laptop. it is very different lol. we are on our spring break and pigglet jr has been working hard on his homework, as he is year 6 he is coming up for his sats and school are piling on the pressure. he had 8 pieces of work including sats papers in maths science and english. he has one piece to go, his bete noir creative writing. it will have to wait as he is psyching him self up for his big judo comp tommorrow. it is the sussex closed trials, last year he came 4th in his weight group meaning he was a member of the sussex squad for the year. he was not picked for the team as he didn't come in the top two. we have been quite glad as they all take it much more seriously than we do. he is also in the local hockey club and his team (without him as he was at judo) won the sussex comp and are now going to compete at regional level. that is on the 27th of april and he may be picked for that team. we were all excited last weekend as we had lots of snow on sunday morning, it started snowing at about 8.20am and we left home for hockey practice at 9.10 and i had to clear the car. we got to practice and it had snowed so heavily they had to cancel it.
this is a piccy of my front garden at about 9.40am. how cool.

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