Saturday, 12 April 2008

the snow and snakes

the kids had a great time, they built snowmen.

the small one was named after me as piggtails added glasses to make it look like me.!!!.

they used just about all the snow in the back garden at grannys. granny and i stayed indoors and made soup and rolls for lunch. i did have to pop out and help as pigglet jr. couldn't lift the middle section by himself.

that was sunday afternoon.
monday we visited T who i work with, i had organised it with her the week before. pigglet jr was ecstatic as T owns 2 snakes, he got to hold one of them. he held monty who is a royal python, T has had her for almost a year. as you can see he loved it!!

she also has a baby boa constrictor but as she has only had her for a few weeks she is not used to being held yet so pigglet jr only got to stroke her.

piggtails got up the nerve and actually touched monty how brave.!!

she was really unsure but did it i was very proud.

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