Saturday, 19 January 2008

laptop cr*p and all that

well , i am back but i is not happy!!! my acer laptop that i bought in jan 07 from tesco has just stopped working. the light comes on and the fan starts but cuts off after about 5 secs. so we hunted around and found the reciept guess what......yep it ran out on the 6th of jan and the ruddy thing stopped working on the 17th of jan. how unhappy. i cried, i have photos on there that i havent saved yet, of my ds passing his first ever judo grading, christmas, and more judo with ds winning a medal in a huge comp. i am starting to get upset just thinking about it. i rang tesco as thats where i got it from and was told that i would have to go to the manufactorer, but the would charge me £42 just to look at it. i was soo angry, tesco told me that it was nothing to do with them after 12 months. i looked at some websites and found that i may still be covered by the sale of goods act. i have contacted tesco headoffice and stood my ground, they tried very hard to get me to contact acer. i explained that under the SOGA my contract is with them and the items they sell should last a reasonable time, i dont think that 12months and 11 days is a reasonable time for a £379 laptop. after a very long conversation with a nice lady at tesco they are now sending me a form called out of 12 months. i need to fill this in a send it back and someone will decide if 12 months and 11 days is a reasonable time to expect a laptop to last. i really hope they will repair it. my dh is trying to get a loan of a laptop so we can transfer the data from the hd to a different computer. i need those photos!!!
wish me luck and i will let you know what if anything tesco will do.

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