Sunday, 13 January 2008

baths, shopping and pizza

wow the haggenbath is amazing, minty chocolatly jiust pure luxury. it totally chilled me out.
we went shopping on sat, mum had the kids and off we went to lakeside. dh managed to get his walking boots. we stopped at ikea, managed to get the glasses for rainbows but didnt get the plastic kids plates, bowls and cutlery for work as the had none!!! the checkouts were soo quiet, couldnt believe it.
today we took the kids to hockey and i went to town for coffee with the girls, we go every week and it is my time, no kids no dh and time to chat about nought. had a caramel skinny latte yum yum.
got home and have just finished cooking pizza. used the bread machine to make the dough and topped it with ham, mushroom, sweetcorn and mozarella. dh's fav.
hope next week at work is better, i will let you know.

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