Monday, 3 August 2009

friday night high saturday afternoon low

friday night was fab, went to d's hen night dressed as a school girl in pigglet jr. blaser, cool evening.
saturday morn met l a+a and saw bolt at the cinema, great then went to tilgate park. i drove to tesco after that and a silver car pulled out of the side road and hit my new car!!! gutted the passenger side front wing, headlight and bumper is knacked you cant open the door cos of the wing. piggtails was hysterical, the woman driver of the other car said it was no ones fault but really, i was on the road she went over a give way line!
luckily no one was hurt.
just waiting to find out how long my car will be in the garage so i can organise a hire car. we were planning on going to france for the day in two weeks and dobby (the car) was gonna take us, so that is on hold.

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