Wednesday, 6 May 2009

quick update on ds

well i promised i would tell all about ds aka pigglet jr. after his judo comp, he had a sore arm as he landed badly in his second fight. it wasnt so bad and he carried on competing. he did judo mon and wed as per norm and then went to squad training on the sunday down at bexhill. after that session he said it was sore and so we got him some ice and an elasticated bandage and decided we should think about a and e as it had been a week. he went to judo on mon and i looked at his arm after and it seemed a bit sore about two inches above the wrist so dh took him to a and e on tuesday morning, he rang me at work at 10.30 to tell me the plaster was drying!!! yep the child had a broken arm!!!! you have two main bones in your arm and he has broken the big one! OMG what a bad mother am i. my child had a broken arm for a week before we took him to hospital. i will post a piccy of his cast later.

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