Thursday, 5 March 2009

not the best week!

well the week started ok i did the first part of a makaton course on sat which was fun. sunday went out to the car in the morning to go out for my weekly coffee morning with friends to find my neighbours car had gone over the dividing wall and was resting on my passengerside wing!!! not what you expect to find. my car is really only worth about £5.50 so luckily there was v little damage. monday at work was hard as the teacher was off so we got by with only a few little probs but tuesday one of my collegues went home with a bad stomach so we were down to two till 11am when the C arrived and child A came in. the day pretty much went down hill then i was hurt when one child went for me at lunch time. they gripped my arm and went for my face luckily they got my glasses which broke but not my face i was quite shaken but managed to get through the rest of the day, by hometime my shoulder was agony so dh issisted i went to gp on wed, resulting in her signing me off work for 2 weeks and im not allowed to drive, i have to see her again before i can go back, she asked me if i wanted the good news or bad so i said good please she then said there should be no lasting damage when i asked about the bad she said its gonna hurt for a couple of weeks!!! i am feeling soo bad about work i really didnt think she would sign me off i kinda thought she would give me painkillers and get on with it.
this was only yesterday and i am already bored. i had to go buy 2 shirts this afternoon as it hurts to put tshirts on.
hopefully it will feel better soon.

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