Saturday, 7 February 2009

fun shopping

been to view our photos from our shoot! oh my gosh it was ridiculous, first of all they had not edited any of my mil, when i queried it the woman disappeared and came back all apologetic since they had not edited any, so we did get to see some with her in but not all bright and lovely, and then when i asked why there was only one with all 6 of us in she went and came back with the man himself who was snotty and said there was only one as we had all lost focus during the shoot so all the others had one or other of us with our eyes closed or laughing. i had to point out that we had the shoot done as my mum was over from Cyprus and we wanted a group shot he grudgingly went away to edit some heads and stuff and came back 10 Min's later with an OK shot. some of the pictures are truly lovely but we spent 1hr35Min's having our photos taken and for there only 1 group shot i am not impressed!!
we are now waiting for a contact sheet so my mil and my mum can help choose. we are considering a CD with 6 photos on this is gonna cost £580 so we are only going to get them if they are really lovely.

we then went to lakeside and had a fab time shopping at decathlon and then ikea! i got some great fabric to make some shopping bags as pressies. the bodil fabric was only 90p a metre and the other ones were £1.56 per metre since it takes less than a metre to make the bags it makes a cool cheap gift.

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