Friday, 28 November 2008

that friday feeling

yep i am definitely feeling that Friday mood, work has been hard this week. dh doesn't cope too well with all the bruises, scratches and bites at this time of year as his work do is next week and he worries that people will think it is him lol. as if he is such a soft touch lol. i am now taking arnica as often as i am allowed.
i was not planning anything for this weekend until piggtails came home and said she needs a 3d reindeer with its mouth open for monday!!!! thay are designing a game for the xmas fair and her team have come up with Rugolf !!!! omg she laughs everytime she says the name! if we manage it i will post a piccy.
other news this week on tuesday it was my wedding anniversary and i was woken up with hot croissants and coffee and 14 roses, one for every year plus one as 13 is unlucky lol.
wed i got conned into performing in the staff skit at the xmas play, i am now expected to jive to jail house rock!! anyone who knows me will realsie i am not designed for dancing so it will be an interesting show!
there is some georgous blog candy on offer this week here lovely and so generous.

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