Sunday, 2 November 2008

pigglet jr.

He has had a good birthday, we made him chase all over finally to this blog before he got his prezzie he was an excited boy when he found his laptop. Bless him he has spent most of the day playing his new starwars game and doing homework on it!! lol.
We took him out for tea tonight, this is quite a big deal as his allergies usually mean we dont risk anywhere. We went to the Harvester at Redhill and they were great, they don't guarentee any of their food but the have a list of food which has and has not got various allergens in. He ate a massive plate of ribs and then managed his and 1/2 of piggtails pudding,
I'm going to bed in a mo as work starts again tommorrow.
Goody christmas play starts then yipee can you hear the sarcasm! lol

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