Tuesday, 22 April 2008

judo,strikes and plans

we took pigglet jr to a different judo club on monday, he wants to practice with more players his own size and grade. he worked hard but really enjoyed it. we are gonna go back on wed to see who goes then. the school i work at is not closing for the nut strike, but the kids school is closed on thursday, i am gutted as i have to have a day off to look after them, the first time in 2 years i have had time off to do with the kids. even when school called me at work to say that dd had been sick i rang a friend to pick her up. even worse as they are not ill i have to make up the time. i am having to work tomorrow morning as the first of two wednesday mornings to make it up. i am only off on a wednesday morning so i am a bit peeved about not being able to keep my arraigned meeting with a friend. myself and my friend who looks after my kids when dh is working days are planning on taking the kids out for the day on thursday as a special treat. but we haven't thought where yet. i will get back here when a decision is made. lol

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