Wednesday, 2 January 2008


well i was so busy trying to get piggtails and piggletjrs blogs up and running i forgot to post to my own. i am gonna try to post at least once a week this year.

we went geocaching yesterday and found 4 caches, this brings our total up to 100!!!!
the kids were very happy as we had got us all pin badges for this occasion. i will post pictures later.

today we had to go shopping we went to tesco at horley and took mil. we got piggtails a new dvd player as hers broke over xmas. we also got piggletjr a copy of northern lights, the book that the golden compass is based on.

my gorgeous husband treated me to a selection of krispy kreme doughnuts. WOW i am in heaven, i have scoffed down 3 and am now gonna save some till tommorrow. maybe!

it is really cold today and they are forecasting it to get down to -2 tonigh with the possibility of snow tommorrow. yipee!! i got a sled 2 years ago and havent had snow since. so i am praying for a big amount of snow tommorrow.

see ya

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