Friday, 4 January 2008

bad backs and snickerdoodles!

this morning i woke with a really bad back. so bad that i had to ice it and then heat it just to be able to get dressed. piggletjr and dad went geocaching by themselves leaving me with piggtails. we had a chilled morning then went to grannys and did some cooking. i found a recipe on for snickerdoodles and piggtails liked the name soo much we had to try them and i found big soft ginger cookies. so they both turned out well. we all prefered the snickerdoodles. we used black treacle in the goinger ones as the recipe called for molasses and we decided that it was as close as we had. the treacle over powered the ginger flavour so obviously it is not the same as mollasses. we live and learn as they say.
pigglet jr and dad really got very muddy but managed to find 5 caches in the series of 12 that we started on new years day so we only have 3 more to find hopefully we will go next weekend.

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